j5 Create USB-C™ Modular Multi-Adapter with 2 Kits


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The JCD375 USB-C™ Modular Multi-Adapter provides extra connectivity for your USB-C® computer, featuring video, data storage and charging all in one. It includes two small detachable modular kits to add additional ports and features to your laptop.


The main body of the multi-adapter provides an HDMI™ port, three USB™ Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 ports, a USB-C® 3.1 Gen 2 port, and USB-C® with Power Delivery charging up to 100W. It also provides two modular kits that add a Gigabit Ethernet connection and an SD™ 4.0 memory card reader. Each kit can work separately as a complete mini adapter or be connected to the main body of the multi-adapter for use together.


The device is plug-and-play, with no driver required. It acts as a perfect companion for your laptop while on the go.


Main Body of Dock:

  • USB-C® to 4K @ 30 Hz HDMI™.
  • Three USB™ Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 port x2 support 10 Gbps of data transfer.
  • USB-C® Power Delivery 3.0 charging up to 100W.
  • USB-C® 3.1 Gen 2 supports 10 Gbps data transfer.


2 Modular Kits:

  • USB-C® to Gigabit Ethernet.
  • USB-C® to SD™/microSD™ 4.0 UHS-II 312 Mbps memory card reader/writer.


  • Each module can work separately as a stand-alone mini adapter or be magnetically attached to the main body for use together.
  • 90-degree right angle connector to prevent cable damage due to bending.
  • 1 – USB™ Type-A port with BC 1.2 to fast-charge your mobile devices.


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